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Ice Dogs Festival downtown Waterloo

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Canada Ontario Photos :: Waterloo :: Ice Dogs Festival downtown Waterloo
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22 Apr 2013
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Ice Dogs Festival downtown Waterloo

Ice Dogs Festival downtown Waterloo

Alpacas at Waterloo Park, Waterloo

Ontario. Tom Turkey strutting his stuff at Waterloo Park, Waterloo

Lamas at Waterloo Park, Waterloo

First Schoolhouse in Waterloo 1820 located in Waterloo Park, Waterloo

Centre for International Governance Innovation(CIGI) Waterloo originally Seagrams Distillery 1878

Inside Clay and Glass Gallery located in Waterloo

Swan at Waterloo Park, Waterloo

Perimeter Institute Building for Theoretical Physics located Waterloo built in 1999

Waterloo Train Station

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Mother Goose with their Gooselings at Waterloo Park, Waterloo

Ice Skating Downtown Waterloo Square at Sunset

Gates to Waterloo Park, Waterloo

Ferris Wheel  at Buskers downtown Waterloo

Buskers downtown Waterloo Square

Easter Island Snowmen found in Waterloo

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