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Elora - mennonites carriages

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Canada Ontario Photos :: Elora :: Elora - mennonites carriages
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22 Apr 2013
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Mennonites are a religious-cultural group established in the 16th century during the Protestant Reformation when some Christians separated from the Roman Catholic Church. There is a number of mennonites┬┤ communities around Ontario.

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Elora - mennonites carriages

Elora. Strong mennonites horses

Elora - a sign for carriages parking

Elora - a sculpture in front of the shop

Elora - a knight

Elora - a painting at the door

Elora - painted heads

Elora - a fragment of sculpture

Elora - a sculpture

Elora. Sculptures display

Elora. Sculptures display - a knight

Elora. Sculptures display - a sleeping baby

Ontario. A statue in Elora

Elora. Red chairs and a statue

Elora - a view through the trees

Elora -  an old building

Elora Mill Inn - a view across the river

Hole in the Rock along Elora Gorge Trail

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